• Who is responsible for the leadership and guidance for Real Life Ministries Waller in this initial phase?

    A management team will oversee RLM Waller.  This team is led by Real Life Ministries Texas, comprised of staff and elders with church planting experience. Real Life Waller will be staff led and elder governed when RLM Waller elders are established. The process of establishing eldership is expected to take several years. 

  • Is there a senior pastor identified for Real Life Waller? 

    If so, who?

    We do not know who the senior pastor will be at this time. We are praying through that.

  • Is there a core team of families established for Real Life Waller?

    Yes! Danny Brotsch has been an elder at Real Life Texas since we established our eldership. He and his wife, Melissa, and their family live in Waller and have been praying about planting there for many years. They are on the core team as well as a few other families who live in Waller and a few families who have been attending RLM Texas but have now committed to helping grow a church in Waller. These families have already begun to meet in small groups and they welcome other individuals and families to join them.

  • How will Real Life Waller be funded?

    Funds will be raised through the Relational Discipleship Network, a network of like-minded churches who are committed to supporting church plants. Once identified, the senior pastor will help lead the fundraising effort. The tithes and offerings from those who will call Real Life Waller their church home will also support the church plant.

  • Where will the church be located?

    31315 FM 2920 Ste 6 

    Waller TX 77484

  • When will Sunday morning services begin?

    We are not currently holding Sunday morning services in Waller. Several small groups are currently meeting during the week. If you are interested in learning more about Real Life Waller, we would love for you to get connected to one of those groups as soon as possible. Sunday morning services will begin at a later date.

  • Will there be informational meetings I can attend to learn more?

    Yes! We had meetings planned, but they were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic safety measures. Those dates and times will be updated as soon as we are able to safely meet together again.